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In the world of plastic injection molding and plastic mold making, the possibilities are truely endless.

At Arcam’s plastic injection and molding facility, you will be impressed by the sheer range of what we offer in the plastic manufacturing industry. Even with our wide variety of capabilities, we’ve always maintained the highest levels of quality and attention to detail.


Whether we’re molding, injecting, designing, building, stamping, engraving, printing, molding or cutting, we always provide quality products: industry-leading plastic products built to serve a specific function over and over again.

In addition to building Western Canada’s most experienced team of tool and die makers, Arcam Manufacturing prides itself on supplying our employees with high-quality plastic manufacturing machines. Unfailingly safe, eco-friendly and dependable; the equipment we’re using at our Delta, British Columbia facility is state of the art.



At Arcam, our world-class experience combined with our modern plastic manufacturing machinery means that every job is done properly, on time and at the lowest possible price to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers

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