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Established in 1998, Arcam has been on the cutting edge of the tool and die industry, manufacturing custom molds, injection molding, ultrasonic welding, pad printing and assembly.

Even more impressive is the fact that Arcam’s experienced staff has been in the business of plastic tools and dies, plastic injection molding and plastic mold making for over 35 years. With Arcam, you can count on unparalleled attention to detail no matter what the project size.

At Arcam, we’re constantly striving to be the best. The quality of our products, the unrivaled skill of our staff, the dependability of our industry-leading plastic manufacturing machines, means that we never take shortcuts, and we never compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction. Arcam works hard to deliver plastic injection and plastic molds that are manufactured to the highest quality.

What can we make for you?


How do we keep costs so low?

Simple. Our plastic molds are created offshore, providing the advantage of lower production costs. Once a mold is complete, it returns to Arcam’s facility in Delta, British Columbia for mandatory quality control and inspection. This process allows us to keep prices low while maintaining unparalleled quality control measures.

For over three decades, Arcam’s highly-trained and skilled team of tool and die makers have been creating the industry’s best plastic products. Whether you’re in the automotive, electronic or telecommunications industry, Arcam’s tireless dedication to quality, and attention to detail is unrivaled.Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Arcam—and we’ll make sure you’re left with precisely what you’re looking for.

Let Arcam’s experience, passion and dedication to customer service be your answer.

Learn more about Arcam’s full range of services.

  • Arcam Manufacturing exceeds at solving problems.

  • On a tight delivery schedule? Arcam will manufacture your project faster than anyone,
    and the end result will be a higher quality than you’d find anywhere else.

  • Looking for a product with a specific function? We’ll manufacture it at the lowest price
    available anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

  • Need specific hardware? Arcam’s tireless dedication to quality craftsmanship and
    laser-focused attention to detail is your answer.

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